Contagion Defense

At Rosie Connectivity Solutions, the safety and well-being of our customers and our employees is always our priority, and we recognize the important role we play in providing our clients with critical supplies as well as clinical equipment and point-of-care solutions.

Rosie is currently developing a complete defensive line against contagions. New and innovative contagion control solutions are currently in development and are coming soon. Below is a list of our current offerings.

Infection Control

Touch-Free Telemedicine and Resident Engagement


Turnkey mobile workstation comes preloaded with applications for resident and family
engagement as well as telemedicine (or you can install and use your own telemedicine
application.) RosieVisit was designed with the Long-Term Care environment in mind.

    • Hands-free for the resident. Holds the tablet stationary — in the correct position.
    • Cart is tip-resistant, easy to disinfect and hands-free for the resident, which mitigates
      infection risk.


RosieONE™  – Unique, Economical Telemedicine Solution for Skilled Nursing Facilities
Turnkey Telemedicine Platform and Multi-Functional Mobile Nursing Cart

    • HIPAA-Compliant mobile platform for telemedicine video visits – at bedside or point-of-care
    • The RosieONE telemedicine solution does not replace your existing providers, it helps them. Through our telemedicine partnerships*, we can optionally access 24/7 physician coverage and specialist networks.
    • RosieONE with telemedicine enables 24/7 access to physicians, significantly decreasing unnecessary rehospitalizations and reducing unnecessary, stressful and costly trips to the hospital emergency department.
    • RosieONE doubles as a multi-functional mobile nursing cart with optional EHR
      Connectivity, which enables fast, error-free documentation at point-of-care in
      PointClickCare®, MatrixCare® or American HealthTech®; more integrations coming
    • Cloud-based; no server required.

What We’re Doing In-House:

We are making the following efforts in our main office to support the fight against COVID-19 during these unprecedented times..

    • Taking shelter in place very seriously. Only essential employees are working on-site.
    • In-office, we are taking full precautions to prevent the spread of germs and viruses. In addition to enforcing our sick leave policy, we have provided proper sanitation methods and thermometers to regularly monitor our staff’s health.
    • Restricting visits from our main office to our warehouse.
    • All business travel has been halted.

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