IodoFoam Dressing

IodoFoam is a topical antimicrobial offense for your advance wound care and is very effective when used with LipoGel for a Defensive/Offensive wound care strategy. IodoFoam is a sterile, single use white foam dressing that is the only controlled released Iodine foam in the world. It turns white when the iodine is released, thus indicating dressing change which will reduce the cost of unnecessary wound changes. Its foam has small pores that reduce tissue growth into the foam so it is perfect to use in wound tunnels. It is superior at biofilm control and wound healing then traditional silver dressings. IodoFoam doesn’t stain skin or fabric and is simple to cut to fit any wound. Both LipoGel and IodoFoam can be including with your Negative Pressure Wound Therapy or used alone for exuding wounds to absorb and inhibit biofilm proliferation.