LipoGel is easy to use and is a great addition to any wound bacteria defense.  LipoGel is the only lipid based, anti-biofilm agent available on the market that makes debridement last longer by blocking bacteria from attaching to exposed tissue.  LipoGel self-adapts to moisture in wounds and can be used with various dressings.  It also blocks dressing adherence to tissue, which reduces patient pain during wound dressing changes.  Unlike other topical wound and hydrogels, you can use LipoGel with Negative Pressure Wound Therapy because it will not dilute, migrate or disperse with exudate.  LipoGel is FDA approved to be used in combination with IodoFoam to prevent drying of wound bed.  LipoGel can also be used on skin ulcers, burns, cuts and other skin irritations.


LipoGel Offers:

  • Demonstrated biofilm inhibition through US Government testing
  • Gel firms with exudate to limit migration into secondary dressing.
  • Cost effective and Medicare reimbursable.
  • Use in combination with other dressings including IodoFoam and GelTex Black Foam Kits.

Unique properties versus hydrogels:

  • Maintains moisture, without maceration.
  • Will not dilute with exudate.
  • An excellent anti-adherent primary dressing.