RosieScan™2 Bladder Scanner

Prevent Unnecessary Catheterizations with Rosie Scan Bladder Scanner!



RosieScan 2 allows nurses to monitor urinary retention in the patient’s bladder at bedside. This can reduce urinary tract infections and prevent costly and invasive procedures, such as unnecessary catheterization.

Why Use a Bladder Scanner?

The use of the ultrasound bladder scanner is essential for evaluating and monitoring bladder volume.

This is an indispensable technology that can guide caregivers in evaluating the true need for catheterization. Reducing unnecessary catheterizations reduces the risk of urinary tract infections associated with catheterizations. Bladder scanning is painless for the patient. The entire scan takes only a couple of minutes to complete and does not require operation by a sonographer or highly specialized training.

Expert Mode allows users to see the real-time imaging while Easy Mode displays the bladder simple outline sketch.

Prevent Unnecessary Catheterizations with Rosie Scan Bladder Scanner!





• Several clinical data management options:

• Bluetooth data transmission to Rosie EHR Connectivity Platforms.
• Internal storage capacity of up to 1000 cases with patient ID.
• USB output.
• On-board printer.
• Four-hour battery life on rechargeable battery.
• The device will remind users when the probe aims the best bladder position during pre-scanning.
• User can manually correct the contour of the bladder border.
• Easy-to-use. No specialized training needed.
• Three-year warranty on scanner. Two-year warranty on probe; RosieSupport™ included.



  • Scan Method: 3-D
    • Scan Depth: 180mm
    • Sway Angle: 95° ± 2°
    • Rotating Angle: 180° ± 2°

• Display Screen: 8.4″ Color LCD TFT Screen
• Patient ID: 12 Digital maximum
• Output: USB and Bluetooth
• Transducer Frequency: 2.6 MH

• Power Supply: Battery
• Frequency 2.6MHz
• Scan Mode: Male, Female, Pediatric