Rosie SmartMeter Blood Glucose Meter

Blood Glucose Monitoring System with GDH-FAD Test Strips
Rosie SmartMeter is designed to deliver precise blood glucose readings with easy and comfortable testing. This compact meter requires a small .5 µL blood sample, and only 5 seconds for results. Our system also offers affordable, individually, foil-wrapped GDH-FAD strips as well as the standard vial of strips to ensure precise glucose readings and reduce contamination.

For people with diabetes it is critical that they are able to measure their blood glucose levels accurately, and GDH-FAD is the newest solution with the highest accuracy on the market. Glucose Dehydrogenase – Flavine-Adenine Dinucleotide (GDH-FAD) are enzymes found in the Rosie SmartMeter test strips. GDH is an enzyme which prompts a reaction that extracts electrons from glucose. FAD is the coenzyme required for the GDH reaction. GDH-FAD test strips show no reactivity to any sugars other than glucose, which means they provide the truest glucose readings for patients.


Available with or without Near Field Communication (NFC) technology.