SmartHeart Pro EKG


Clinical-Quality EKGs are Within Your Reach

SmartHeart Pro is a hospital-grade 12 lead EKG device that is fast, user-friendly and requires no special training or EKG technician for use. The revolutionary device is a cost-effective, user-friendly replacement for cumbersome and expensive EKG machines. Caregivers are able to perform high-quality diagnostic EKGs in-house, and eliminate any unnecessary – and costly – trips to hospital ER.

How The SmartHeart Pro Works The caregiver puts the EKG device on the patient. The patient can be sitting, standing or lying. The electrode belt and sensors require no adhesive pads. No shaving is required. The caregiver follows simple instructions on the companion SmartHeart App installed on any iOS or Android Smartphone or tablet. The caregiver will add patient-reported symptoms and other notes in the App. Real time visual instructions guide the EKG process, providing continuous indication regarding electrode connectivity. The SmartHeart Pro EKG performs a high quality EKG in just 30 seconds. The EKG report will appear immediately on the smartphone or tablet and is also immediately available in the facility’s SmartHeart Pro web account (accessible by desktop or laptop computer.)

Don’t feel sufficiently confident to interpret EKGs yourself?
An optional annual subscription ls available that provides EKG Readings and Findings Reports within minutes. Readings and Findings Reports are available 24/7 and are performed by medical professionals dedicated to interpreting EKGs.


From RosieConnectivity Solutions