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PruittHealth Selects Rosie Connectivity to Provide Nursing Platform That Transmits Clinical Data Directly to Residents’ Electronic Medical Records

SAVANNAH, GA, – PruittHealth has partnered with Rosie Connectivity Solutions to provide a mobile nursing solution that collects residents’ clinical information at bedside and transmits the data directly to the Electronic Medical Record.

“Since selecting MatrixCare as its EHR provider in 2018, PruittHealth was looking for the best solution to optimize that system and help maximize caregiver efficiencies at its skilled nursing facilities, “says Marie Booker, senior vice president and co-owner of Rosie Connectivity Solutions. “They selected our RosieConnect 2.0 EHR connectivity platform because of its ability to eliminate documentation errors. Combined with our long-standing reputation in the LTPAC industry and our around-the-clock technical support, we were the right fit for the PruittHealth.”

The RosieConnect 2.0 EHR connectivity platform combines a tablet-based software application with a mobile vital signs monitor and connected Bluetooth point-of-care devices on a mobile Rosie SmartCart that travels room to room. The caregiver takes a resident’s vitals, including temperature, blood pressure and pulse ox (SPO2) using the Rosie equipment at bedside. With a few taps on the tablet, the data is transmitted directly to the resident’s electronic health record without the need to write down the data or enter it manually at a nursing station computer. The Rosie EHR connectivity platform also connects with other Bluetooth-enabled clinical devices, including weight scales, blood glucose monitors, bladder scanner, EKG and more.

“The RosieConnect 2.0 EHR connectivity platform solves multiple challenges that skilled nursing facilities can face,” Booker says. “With EHR connectivity, the risk of human error in the vitals documentation process is eliminated. The system saves the caregivers time, allowing them more time for quality interaction with the residents. And the system provides nurses and medical directors with immediate access and visibility to their residents’ clinical data, which they say greatly assists with their clinical decision-making processes and improves quality of care.”

The RosieConnect 2.0 connectivity platform is cloud-based and does not require a server. All that is needed is a robust Wi-Fi signal in the facility. The platform and data transmitted is HIPAA-compliant, and all data on the platform is secured by IBM Watson Insights™.

About Rosie Connectivity Solutions
Rosie Connectivity Solutions and Nurse Rosie Products have been a trusted partner in the long-term and post-acute care (LTPAC) industry since 1977. Enhancing its core offering of medical equipment, supplies and wound care solutions, Rosie focuses today on the development of an expanding, user-friendly platform and devices that enable nurses to seamlessly, accurately and securely transfer clinical data wirelessly from bedside to the Electronic Health Record (EHR). Rosie is headquartered in Savannah, Georgia, and is proud to serve more than 2,500 skilled nursing facilities in all 50 states. For more information please visit: About PruittHealth
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