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Rosie® has elevated vitals monitoring to complete vitals management with its all-in-one mobile device kit that transmits vitals data directly to the RosieCare platform for EHR documentation, facilitates virtual one-click telehealth visits and enables remote patient monitoring.

Brilliantly simple end-user interface can be easily operated by a patient at home or a caregiver in a skilled nursing or assisted living setting. All devices are FDA-approved and are easy-to-use BLE, requiring no pairing.

Provider application interface combines detailed reports for clinical care, telehealth and remote patient monitoring and billing. Customizable alerts and notifications help ensure proactive interventions for out-of-range vitals in order to prevent unnecessary readmissions.

RosieCare Anywhere Device Kit Includes:

• Touchscreen Tablet – Wi-Fi or Cellular Connectivity Available
• Blood Pressure Monitor – BLE
• Sp02 Monitor – BLE
• Weight Scale – BLE

Optional Devices Available

• Blood Glucose Meter – BLE
• Respiration Monitor

RosieCare® Software Application Features:

• Customized Provider/Facility and End-User applications
• Simple, easy-to-use end-user application interface
• Customizable Smart Alerts and notifications for out-of-range vitals
• RPM tracking, reporting and billing features make turnkey solution for providers
• Supports all chronic care, telehealth and RPM CPT Codes
• Integrated with the RosieConnectivity EHR Connectivity Platform


Simple, one-touch application interface and devices make home vitals monitoring easy for the patient end-user. Wide range of monitoring devices help providers track biometric data necessary for complete home health management and remote patient monitoring.

Rosie Care Anywhere kit
Rosie Care Anywhere kit


Compact design makes RosieCare Anywhere the ideal vitals management and telehealth solution for assisted living facilities and home health providers. Simply log in as the patient and transmit all vitals directly to the RosieCare platform. Easy to sanitize between patients.