The Making of a Winner!!!

The Traits of a Winning Company

  • Have a clear, defined VISION
  • See through the eyes of the customer
  • Desire to conquer the impossible
  • Make sure every team member is rowing in the same direction
  • Never “settle” – always push or “more”
  • Do not be afraid to DARE or accept DARE
  • Celebrate every battle!
  • Run the competition out of town!
  • Be tougher on yourself and be critical of your product!
    Don’t wait to LEARN it from the customer!
  • Remain Hungry and make sure everyone Gets Fed!

Rosie Wants To Hear Your Thoughts

Rosie® wants to improve employee engagement. Please give your suggestions and ideas regarding new products, existing products, general company and ways to improve Rosie’s profitability. Your input is very valuable; you may remain anonymous if you desire and will be sent directly to Harold Landers, President/CEO.

The Rosie Digital Suggestion Box has benefits!
• Better communication
• Increased innovation and problem-solving
• Improved employee engagement

Rosie Digital Suggestion Box