PROactive Care for Better Resident Health

RosieConnectivity™ & TapestryHealth Vitals Management Program with PROAlerts™

Caregiver with Tapestry VMP on Rosebud VC

TapestryHealth™ Vitals Management Program with PROAlerts™  

The Early Warning System That Lets You See Trouble Before It Strikes


Through Rosie’s partnership with TapestryHeath, the Rosie SmartCart® mobile nursing carts have become some of the most important medical tools in the facility. 


All Rosie SmartCarts feature RosieConnectivity™ device-to-EHR connectivity  and are enhanced by the TapestryHealth Vitals Management Program, featuring PROAlerts – the industry’s first patient-specific alerting system that is included with the EHR connectivity platform. This combination instantly changed medical care in skilled nursing facilities from reactive to PROactive.


With TapestryHealth’s Vitals Management Program, the facility’s residents’ vital signs are monitored 24/7 in real time whenever a measurement taken on the Rosie SmartCart and transferred to the EHR via RosieConnectivity.  If any if those signs appear questionable, designated nursing home staff receive an immediate alert,  often enabling them to prevent a hospitalization.

Rosie® Presents:
TapestryHealth PROAlerts™

Patient-specific – Vitals parameters are defined for each device and patient. No more alert fatigue from meaningless alerts.
Real-time – Vitals are monitored 24/7 on the Vitals Management Platform. Out-of-range measurements trigger an immediate alert, which is sent to designated facility staff.
OptimizedTapestry gathers and distills data into actionable steps that could prevent a serious issue for a resident or even detect an impending problem like a COVID outbreak that could sweep through an entire building.
Nurse with Mobile Phone

The TapestryHealth™ Vitals Management Program is now available to all TapestryHealth® clients and to all Rosie customers using the RosieConnectivity™ EHR connectivity platform.

If you currently use either RosieConnectivity or TapestryHealth, the PROAlerts service is yours already, but you need to contact your rep to activate it. If you don’t currently use either of these services, complete the contact form below for more information or to get started.

Rosie Vital Management Program