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When face-to-face visits are not possible, RosieVisit keeps residents engaged, connected, and safe.

RosieVisit was designed with the challenges of the LTC environment in mind. Hand-held tablets not only pose an infection control challenge but can be difficult for LTC residents to hold properly. Family members are asuured they will see their smiling loved-one clearly on screen and in the frame.

  • Turnkey mobile workstation comes preloaded with applications for resident and family
    engagement as well as telemedicine (or you can install and use your own telemedicine
  • RosieVisit™ is touch-free for the resident and easy to disinfect. (Hand-held tablets can
    pose an infection transmission risk.)
  • The sturdy cart is tip-resistant and easy to use.
  • RosieVisit™ is fully upgradable later to the Rosie SmartCart® EHR Connectivity Mobile
  • RosieVisit™ comes with a 18-month warranty.