Rosie Connectivity Nurse

About Rosie®

Long-Term Care’s #1 Trusted Partner Since 1977

At Rosie®, we are innovative entrepreneurs focused solely on providing caregivers in the Long Term Post-Acute Care (LTPAC) industry with the medical equipment and supplies needed–at the point-of-care–to improve documentation accuracy, reduce hospital readmissions and increase staff efficiency. We founded the company in 1977, and today we understand the challenges LTPAC providers face, including infection control, changing Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements, nursing home fines (f-tags), labor costs and employee turnover.

ONE Solution for EHR Connectivity, Devices and More

Our flagship RosieConnectivity™ Platform, which integrates with PointClickCare®, MatrixCare®, American HealthTech® and more, addresses these challenges head-on and comes with our unwavering commitment to the highest quality and unmatched service and support.

In addition to the RosieConnectivity Platform, we offer advanced medical equipment, devices and a line of medical and Contagion Defense™ supplies specially curated for the needs of skilled nursing facilities.

Rosie Connectivity Nurse

Our Mission

To empower caregivers with state-of-the-art devices, EHR connectivity platforms and supplies that enhance the nursing experience, while helping organizations increase efficiencies and meet financial objectives through innovative, secure and cost-effective technologies supported by unmatched training and service.

Why Rosie?

Improve Documentation Accuracy
Reduce Unnecessary Readmissions
Reduce Unnecessary F-Tags
Increase Staff Efficiency
Increase Satisfaction

With the RosieConnectivity platform, caregivers can collect and record vitals data in about two minutes. With that time savings and streamlined process, caregivers have more time for resident observation and interaction, greatly enhancing clinical decision making and improving job satisfaction.

Core Values

Inspired by Rosie the Riveter, an inspirational symbol for the working women of WWII, the Rosie brand embodies many of the characteristics that made the Rosie’s of yesterday such a success–willingness to work, dedication to the cause and a sense of pride in the work they do. These same attributes are exhibited by outstanding nurses today. With ultimate efficiency, our products enable nurses to perform at the highest level on-the-job. Together, we can do it!

Rosie was founded in 1977 and today is the trusted partner to the LTPAC industry.
(Pictured: Rosie Founder Steve Booker and Marie Booker.)