Rosie Connectivity Solutions®

Rosie® EHR Connectivity Platform & Rosie App

The Rosie® EHR Connectivity Platform featuring the Rosie SmartCart® mobile nursing cart is key to increasing caregiver efficiencies, eliminating costly documentation errors and reducing hospital readmissions.

Caregivers can take and document vitals at bedside in about two minutes – no need to hand-write the vitals and then enter them later at a nursing kiosk. Not only does this eliminate the possibility of documentation errors – up to thousands of times per month – but it also frees up caregiver time for quality patient interaction and provides timely patient data for and improved clinical decision-making.

The Rosie SmartCart mobile nursing cart moves room-to-room with the caregiver and can serve as the EHR connectivity data hub not only for vitals (blood pressure, temperature and SPO2) but also blood glucose, weights, bladder scanner data and more. The Rosie Platform is continually expanding – there is no limit to the devices and clinical data that it will be able to integrate. The platform is brilliantly simple to use, with a single caregiver login and intuitive touch-screen design.

Rosie offers an unmatched three-year warranty on all equipment and 24/7 technical support for its connectivity platform.

The Rosie platform is cloud-based, and no in-house server is required. All data on the Rosie platform is secured by IBM Watson Insights™ and is HIPAA-compliant.

Rosie® App


The Rosie App — the gold standard for device-to-EHR connectivity — is now available for download on all of your facility laptops and devices. Now you can test and chart right form your med cart! Simply install the Rosie App on your med cart laptop and nurses can transmit blood glucose readings from the meter directly to the EHR, eliminating the possibility of errors and improving workflow.

The Ease of Using Rosie EHR Connectivity