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EHR Connectivity with PointClickCare®, MatrixCare®, American HealthTech®, and more.

The Rosie EHR Connectivity Platform enables caregivers to chart clinical and vitals data from an expanding platform of point-of-care devices directly into the Electronic Health Record. The platform greatly improves documentation accuracy, reduces unnecessary hospitalizations and F-tags and increases staff efficiency. The Rosie EHR Connectivity Platform is HIPAA-compliant, uses Wi-Fi (no server required!), and all data is secured by IBM Watson Insights™. Nurse Rosie backs up the Rosie EHR Connectivity Platform with personalized staff training, around-the-clock technical support, and 24/7 system monitoring.

Improves Documentation Accuracy

The Rosie EHR Connectivity Platform transfers clinical and vitals data from an expanding suite of point-of-care devices directly into the PointClickCare Electronic Health Record, eliminating the risk of errors.

Improves Nursing Workflow Efficiencies

Mobile platform travels room-to-room, collecting and documenting data at bedside. Caregivers can collect and record vitals data in less than two minutes, compared to about six minutes using traditional methods. With that time savings and streamlined process, caregivers have more time for resident observation and interaction, greatly enhancing clinical decision-making and improving job satisfaction.

Reduces Unnecessary Readmissions and F-Tags

Virtually eliminates F-tags and resulting fines from missed or incorrect vitals documentation.

Clinical Analytics and Alerts



Rosie LTC TeleMeD

LTC TeleMeD reporting functionality provides a 360-degree view of all telemedicine visits as well as documentation necessary for patient charting and billing. The platform reduces the administrative time required for telemedicine, while enhancing the clinical experience for virtual visits in LTC facilities. LTC TeleMeD features enable more efficient interaction between nursing staff and the provider conducting the telemedicine visit. Rosie Connectivity Solutions provides 24/7 technical support.

Resident and Family Engagement


CarexTech’s flagship product, Smile® provides
extensive tools to manage activity and wellness programs, track resident participation, create calendars while
generating reports & analytics that help in managing branded activities programs. Through SMILE, staff and
families can stay connected using a fully secure HIPAA compliant platform. Whether it’s simplified calendar
creation, effective activities documentation/analytics, enhanced family engagement, more person-centered
memory care or better communication; SMILE will help optimize your results – leading to highly satisfied residents, families and staff.


Maintenance Care®

Computerized Maintenance Management Systems have never been easier to deploy. With Maintanance Care's proven, painless on-boarding process, your whole team will be reaping the benefits of the software quickly and easily.

  • Stay on top of mission-critical maintenance tasks.
  • Take control of every aspect of your facility's maintenance.