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Connected Equipment, Devices & Telehealth

  • RosieRPM facilitates proactive clinical interventions to avert serious and costly health crises
  • RosieRPM enables providers and LTC staff to reduce trips to the emergency department and unnecessary hospitalizations and hospital readmissions for their residents.
  • RosieRPM enables LTC providers to develop effective care plans and generate revenue
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Rosie connected equipment and devices meet all CMS guidelines for connected equipment for RPM reimbursement, enabling providers to get up to $220 Medicare reimbursement per patient per month.*

*See Medicare 2022 Physician Fee Schedule for details.

Rosie Vitals Monitoring

Rosie SmartCart®

The Rosie SmartCart with Rosie EHR Connectivity is the most important medical equipment in the long-term care facility. This all-in-one mobile nursing platform is used for taking vitals, automatically documenting vitals in the electronic health record and transmitting vitals data to the RosieRPM platform with a few taps on touchscreen tablet. Rosie SmartCarts can be upgraded for use for fully-integrated telemedicine visits.

Rosie 360 care-cart

Rosie 360 Care™ Telemedicine Cart

Rosie 360 Care offers a complete and definitive mobile medical visit. Rosie 360 Care Cart is a fully-mobile telemedicine platform giving remote providers a 360-degree view of the patient and enabling enhanced communication with clinicians and physicians, specialists, and family members.


Rosie® Care Anywhere

Compact design makes Rosie Care Anywhere the ideal vitals management, RPM and telehealth solution for Assisted Living communities. Facility staff logs in as the patient and transmits all vitals directly to the Rosie Care platform. Rosie Care supports all chronic care, telehealth and RPM CPT Codes and has customizable Smart Alerts and notifications for out-of-range vitals. Simple, easy-to-use end-user application interface with RPM tracking, reporting and billing features make this a turnkey solution for providers.

Provider Enterprise Dashboard

Secure and CMS-Compliant

The RosieRPM dashboard is easy to use and gives a timely view of patient vitals. The software meets CMS-compliance standards for billing and time tracking. Individual patient baselines and alerts can be programmed and set to notify providers as well as LTC facility staff of out-of-range vitals.

LTC Facility Staff Training

Ensure facility-level compliance and engagement

Rosie offers the LTC industry’s most comprehensive staff certification program, and the only onboard end-user training tutorial to help ensure facility staff adherence.

Rosie EHR Connectivity

Efficient charting workflows for LTC facility staff and providers

The Rosie EHR Connectivity vitals management platform is integrated with PointClickCare®, MatrixCare®, American HealthTech® and more. Custom integrations available.