EHR Connectivity Platforms

Empower caregivers with fast, error-free documentation using the brilliantly simple Rosie EHR data connectivity platform. Caregivers collect vitals and clinical data (blood glucose, weights and more) at point-of-care using Bluetooth devices. The data transfers securely to EMR with a few taps on a touchscreen tablet, eliminating the possibility of errors.

Telehealth-Ready Platforms

Rosie is telemedicine-ready. Are you? The turnkey Rosie telehealth platform can make your organization’s move to telehealth feel like a small step instead of a leap.

Medical Equipment & Devices

Rosie offers an expanding suite of medical equipment and devices that improve the nursing experience while helping increase efficiencies and enhance care. Rosie SmartCart® mobile nursing carts with standard and connected vital signs monitors, RosieScan® Bladder Scanners, Rosie SmartScale® scales, wheelchair scales and more.

Medical Supplies & Skincare

Rosie, a trusted LTPAC partner since 1977, offers cost-effective diabetic care, skin care, medical supplies and disposables that are budget-friendly and optimized for skilled nursing facilities. We carefully curate our product line for our industry so that we can offer the highest quality products at the most competitive prices.


Facilities Served


Error-Free Vitals
Transferred to the EHR



Long-Term Care nurses need this — saves time, saves energy – no going back and forth to the kiosk and possibly losing data.

Debra Hagerty, FACDONA, Associate Professor & LTPAC Consultant

Rosie Connectivity has helped bring me assurance that the data for our residents is getting recorded accurately and timely – each and every time.

Jamie Berg, Good Samaritan, Moscow, ID

Having Rosie Connectivity has really raised the level of efficiency for our caregivers. We can see that our entire team is working much more efficiently these days.

Ryan Mertz, Good Samaritan, Greeley, CO

I’ve been around NADONA for close to 15 years, and I’ve seen Rosie’s evolution over the years. I love the
integration with RosieConnect 2.0. Rosie has always been one of our favorites because it’s one of the
best and most reliable systems.

Cathy Begeron, NADONA: Massachusetts Chapter President

“Nurse Rosie Products’ Bladder Scanner helps to eliminate urinary tract infections and unnecessary catheterizations. It is truly focused on patient outcomes and patient safety, reducing pain and discomfort.”

Antonio Onday, DON South Mountain Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center, NJ

“We are very happy to have RosieConnect 2.0 to help reduce the workload of our nursing staff and drastically improve their workflow. We couldn’t have asked for better service or a better implementation process.”

Mary Klinger, DON Cheltenham Nursing and Rehab, Philadelphia, PA.

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