Rosie® Vitals Monitoring

Rosie SmartCart® 

Rugged, Connected and Now Even Smarter

The Rosie SmartCart® mobile nursing station featuring RosieConnectivity™ device-to-EHR connectivity is the gold standard of vitals monitoring for long-term care facilities. 

Now through Rosie’s partnership with TapestryHeath™, the Rosie carts have become some of the most important medical tools in the facility.  All Rosie SmartCarts are enhanced by the TapestryHealth™ Vitals Management Program, enabling their clinicians to monitor a facility’s residents’ vitals signs. If any if those signs appear questionable, Tapestry can take immediate action, alerting nursing home staff, and often enabling them to prevent a hospitalization.  

Choice of Vital Signs Monitor:

Rosebud® VC Vital Signs Monitor

Rosie® 4 Vital Signs Monitor

Available Connected Devices:

Rosie® RealTime Bluetooth Glucometer

Rosie SmartTemp® Tympanic Thermometer

Rosie SmartScales® Wheelchair Scale

Rosie SmartScales® Ramp Scale

Rosie® InfraRed Temporal Thermometer

Rosebud-VC-Standard (1)

Rosie® Standard Carts  

Vitals Collection, Simplified

Since 1977 Rosie® has been a partner to LTPAC facilities.  “Rosie on a Stick” has remained one of the most popular vital signs carts in the industry.  Rugged and hardworking, the Rosie Standard Cart is the workhorse of the skilled nursing facility.