Remote Health Monitoring

The Impact of Telemedicine on Mental Health Treatment

Over the past few years, telemedicine has been gaining universal recognition and acceptance as an effective tool in providing healthcare. Telemedicine refers to the delivery of healthcare using technologies like mobile health apps on smartphones, remote monitoring, and video conferencing. In the field of mental health, telemedicine refers to the use of these technologies in providing remote mental health services…

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Caregiver with Tapestry VMP on Rosebud VC

Vital Monitors Vs. Patient Monitors

Tracking the condition of residents is a high priority for long-term care facilities, but some monitoring devices are better adapted to this environment than others. Two in particular stand out—vital monitors and patient monitors. When supplying staff with effective monitoring equipment, it’s important to know which is best for your facility. Vital Monitors Vs. Patient Monitors The two common types…

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