Technology and Remote Patient Care

The Connection Between Wearable Technology and Remote Patient Care

As we embark on a new telemedicine technology era, the impact of wearable devices in the healthcare domain is swiftly escalating. Wearables are fast becoming the next frontier in the landscape of remote patient care,  where they provide real-time health data, enhance patient engagement, and streamline the delivery of healthcare services We now invite you to tag along as we…

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Manual vs Automated Vital Method: Which Should You Be Using?

Checking on residents’ vital signs is an integral part of any nursing staff member’s job. It’s common to take vitals manually, but automated methods are gaining more traction as they promise faster, more accurate readings. Improved accuracy can make nursing staff’s jobs easier while providing better service to residents. Measuring and Recording Vital Signs – Accuracy Is Key When measuring…

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Remote Health Monitoring

How Remote Patient Care is Transforming Our Healthcare System

During the crisis years of the pandemic, consumers changed the way they interacted with the healthcare system. Patients accepted or even demanded remote care options, fearing contagion in hospitals and medical offices. The changed behaviors of those years have made a lasting impact on the entire medical industry, causing patients to more readily adopt remote care solutions and caregivers and…

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