Vital Sign Equipment by Rosie

Measuring vital signs is central to the work your nursing staff conducts day after day. Your residents rely on it for their care, and you need to make sure your measurements and patient data are as error-free as possible. For that reason, any second you can save on getting precise measurements will yield positive benefits for your staff, residents, and facility as a whole. Vital signs equipment and vital signs monitors offered by Rosie make it easy for skilled nursing staff, medical professionals, and other healthcare professionals to meet the needs of residents while ensuring all records are neat, accurate, and complete.

Vital Carts and Portable Workstation
Lightweight and easy to move, Rosie vital sign carts and portable workstations make it easy for nursing staff to access everything they need from one place. Measure and record vital signs, carry equipment, and more with EHR-connected smart carts.

Mobile Vital Signs Monitors and Kits
Handheld vital signs monitors incorporate various technologies for fast, precise measurements of a person’s vital signs, making it possible to keep patient records up to date, whether used as part of a nursing cart or in telemedicine. EHR-connected tablets make it easier than ever to update patient records using Rosie’s advanced data-integration platform. User-friendly and highly advanced, EHR connectivity tablets help collect accurate readings, reduce errors, increase efficiency, and reduce avoidable readmissions.

Vital Signs Monitoring with Rosie
Improve speed and accuracy in your long-term care or skilled nursing facility with vital signs monitoring equipment by Rosie. Keep up-to-date records, provide improved care, and eliminate unnecessary procedures with smart devices and other vital monitoring equipment from Rosie. Among the vital machines and monitoring equipment offered by Rosie are the following equipment for evaluating patient health and collecting accurate readings: EHR connectivity tablets, real-time blood glucose meters, scales, bladder scanners, infrared and tympanic thermometers, and replacement accessories. Shop monitoring devices and kits below, or get in touch to learn more about what Rosie has to offer your SNF or LTC facility.

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