Disposable Personal Blood Pressure Cuffs

Disposable Personal Blood Pressure Cufs are essential in today’s infection-control COVID-19 environments. With more than 200 readings per cuff, it can be used throughout a resident’s stay without the risk of passing infection to another patient.

Available in Small, Medium, Large and Bariatric XXL

*Compatible with Rosie 4 and Rosebud VC Vital Signs Monitors.


In today’s healthcare environment, we at Rosie understand how important it is to keep patients safe from infection and cross-contamination. Our disposable blood pressure cuffs come with a wide range of benefits:

Control over infection: We offer single-patient-use blood pressure cuffs that are specifically designed to prevent the spread of infection. These disposable cuffs are made from high-quality materials that are safe and durable, providing reliable and accurate readings for each patient. By using single-patient-use cuffs, healthcare professionals can provide the highest level of care while minimizing the risk of transmitting infections between patients.

Numerous readings: Our cuffs are designed to provide over 200 readings per cuff. This allows healthcare professionals to use them during a patient’s stay without always having to dispose of them and reach for new ones. This not only saves time but also reduces waste, which is important in promoting environmentally friendly practices in healthcare. With Rosie’s disposable cuffs, healthcare professionals can provide the highest level of care while also encouraging sustainable and efficient practices.

Convenience: Reliable and convenient equipment is a necessity in the healthcare industry. That’s why our disposable cuffs are designed to be compatible with Rosie 4 and Rosebud VC Vital Signs Monitors, making them easy to integrate into your existing equipment. This compatibility ensures that healthcare professionals can seamlessly incorporate our cuffs into their workflow without any disruptions or complications. By using our cuffs with Rosie’s vital signs monitors, healthcare professionals can obtain accurate and reliable readings that contribute to better patient care outcomes.

Additional sizing: Our specially designed XXL Blood Pressure Cuffs cater to the needs of larger patients. These cuffs are uniquely crafted to offer a comfortable and accurate fit for patients with larger arms, providing them with the same reliable and accurate readings as our standard disposable cuffs. Our XXL Blood Pressure Cuffs not only prioritize patient comfort but also ensure infection control and reduced waste with multiple readings per cuff. Experience the ease and convenience of our XXL Blood Pressure Cuffs, designed to provide accurate readings without causing discomfort to your larger patients.