Rosie SafetyShelf™ UV Disinfection

High-Frequency UV Disinfection Unit Safely and Effectively Kills Pathogens without Disinfectants

The Rosie SafetyShelf UV Disinfection Unit effectively kills viruses and bacteria, while minimizing staff and resident exposure to harmful chemicals. Rosie SafetyShelf eliminates environmental exposure to chemical waste and is more cost-effective over constant expense of chemical disinfectants.

• Can be used against any microbe*
• Will not damage electronics as many disinfectants will.
• Eliminates exposure to chemicals on surfaces that are close to staff or patient faces.

Designed to Prevent Hand-to-Device Cross Contamination in Long-Term Care Facilities

Ideal For Disinfecting High-Touch Items

• N95 Masks
• Phones and tablets
• Keyboards
• BP Cuffs
• Stethoscopes

* SafetyShelf Effectively Kills Pathogens:

• Effective against bacteria, including MRSA, C-Diff, vancomycin-resistant enterococci and tuberculosis.
• Effective against viruses, including common cold, COVID-19, norovirus, HIV, Hep B, Hep C, Influenza A, Swine Flu.
• Effective against Fungi and parasites.

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