Rosie® Walk-Up Thermometer

The Rosie® Walk-Up Infrared Forehead Thermometer offers fast, accurate touch-free temperature screening with fever alarm


Rosie® Walk-Up Infrared Forehead Thermometer

Fast, Accurate Touch-Free Temperature Screening with Fever Alarm

The Rosie® InfraRed Temporal Thermometer is the perfect thermometer for infection control environments. The highly sensitive and precise sensor provides an accurate and reliable reading in just one second. The The Rosie Walk-Up Infrared Thermometer automatically detects individual temperatures without human contact or risk of cross-infection. Simply walk up and position forehead within three inches of the scanner to get an automatic and accurate temperature display (in Farenheit or Celcius). The unit emits an audible and visual alarm if a fever is detected.

Ideal for facility entrances, this hands-free device elimlnates the need for an employee to scan each person upon entry. The unit also facilitates high-volume fever screenings in a safe, infection-controlled manner. The thermometer can be mounted on a wall, tripod or other mountable surface.