Keenly Virtual Medical Assistant™

Rosie Connectivity powered by Keenly Virtual Medical Assistant™
Keenly Health’s non-contact monitoring system was designed specifically for the unique needs of long-term care, either in facilities or in the home, providing caregivers with an additional resource, a Virtual Medical Assistant, to monitor persons under their care, around the clock, without requiring an in-person visit. The additional insights available from VMA’s constant monitoring, and deep learning about a patient’s respiration, sleep, and movement patterns, also enables the customization of a patient’s care, and adjustment to changes in the patient’s needs, providing more autonomy and privacy to patients with lesser needs for personal visits, while assuring patients and their families that patients are being monitored around-the-clock.

Features & Benefits

  • Continuous, Radar-based Monitoring
  • Early Detection of Patient Deterioration
  • A Unique Respiration Rate Monitoring System for Post-Acute Care
  • Falls Management
  • Visitor Detection



Rosie Connectivity powered by Keenly Virtual Medical Assistant™

A revolutionary patient and resident monitoring system that continually tracks vital signs, movement and visitor presence without leads, cuffs or pressure-based sensors. The Rosie Connectivity powered by Keenly Virtual Medical Assistant™ is designed for the unique needs of extended care resident monitoring. It provides a broader, measurable view of health and status to support long-term facilities and caregivers, while enhancing the quality of resident care.

  • More Efficient Operations
  • More Informed Caregivers
  • Better Quality Resident Care
  • Stand-alone continuous monitor
  • Integrable Hub for Bluetooth devices, or EHR API
  • Remote monitoring: increases safety, convenience and productivity
  • Smart alerting: reduces stress
  • Reimbursable through Medicare/Medicaid remote monitoring codes



Rosie Connectivity powered by Keenly Virtual Medical Assistant™
The device discreetly collects data in the resident’s room

  • Requiring only a power source and a WiFi signal, our service allows for the accurate collection of multiple types of data from a single device.
  • Inexpensive and easy to install
  • Can be hardwired, or simply plugged in to a standard outlet
  • Monitors residents in long-term care without invading privacy, filming or intrusions

Ultra wideband impulse radar monitors residents 24/7

  • Our device continually monitors respiratory rate, heart rate, sleep, body movement, bed exit and visitor presence
  • Provides accurate information, without requiring a physical connection to the resident
  • Days, weeks and even years’ worth of valuable is tracked to help caregivers identify trends and take action to prevent possible health issues earlier
  • Samples at 20 times per second, and is able to capture movement as small as 4 millimeters in a programmable detection range up to 5 meters

Resident data is shared securely to the Keenly Dashboard powered by Rosie Connectivity

  • Resident data is interpreted and displayed on the user-friendly Keenly Dashboard. This allows caregivers to monitor all of their residents all in one place, and all in real time.
  • Caregivers can maximize their time by quickly assessing the health status of their overall population
  • Identify health and behavior patterns to proactively prioritize care and take appropriate action
  • Track visitor presence and frequency to ensure compliance of staff protocols
  • Caregivers can continuously monitor residents from anywhere
  • Caregivers can view a variety of accurate resident data from their PC or smartphone, enabling them to provide more informed, effective care.
  • Access a unique window into resident health, activity and care
  • Monitor changes in resident breathing, heart rate and bed exit, while keeping track of how recently they’ve been visited, and how often they’ve moved
  • Set custom alerts for specific residents, based on parameters you decide


5 ¼” tall; 3 ¼” wide; 2 ¼” deep
Wall mounted: with Velcro or with hangers using keyhole slots on back.

Less than 1 lb.

Enclosure: thermoplastic

Internal components:
Integrated Ultrawide Band Radar module
CPU (Raspberry Pi or equivalent) with Bluetooth and WiFi
Two OMRON thermal sensors (visible through window in enclosure)
Barrel type power connection and related power circuit board
5V power supply (provided separately)