Nasal Oxygen Cannula

Sick and tired of dealing with interrupted oxygen flow? Our Nasal Oxygen Cannula is a patented 3-channel design that reduces sores and ulcers. Switch to a better oxygen therapy regimen today!


Were you aware that nasal cannulas are the most popular method of receiving oxygen therapy? 1.5 million Americans use oxygen therapy each year, and most of them rely on nasal cannulas for oxygen delivery. That’s why we’ve created the ultimate solution for the most comfortable oxygen therapy regimen. Our Nasal Oxygen Cannula is designed with 3 channels that are used to ensure uninterrupted oxygen flow even if the tubing becomes pinched.

Users will love the extremely soft vinyl material, including curved tapered nasal prongs that will increase comfort levels for all who use it. This will lessen the chances of developing sores and ulcers. When it comes to oxygen therapy, comfort and efficiency are the most important things to consider. That’s why our nasal cannula comes in a case of 50, so you can always have a fresh supply on hand.

Don’t settle for interrupted oxygen flow and discomfort caused by other oxygen delivery systems. Experience the superior comfort and uninterrupted oxygen flow of our cannula and feel the difference it can make in your daily life. Order now and discover the benefits for yourself.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Patented 3-channel design: Ensures uninterrupted oxygen flow, even when tubing becomes pinched.
  • Crush-resistant design: Minimizes the chances of kinks in the tubing that can cause discomfort.
  • Super-soft vinyl material: Reduces irritation and maximizes comfort during use.
  • Curved, tapered prongs: Ensures a secure fit without slippage.
  • No more sores/ulcers: Our nasal cannula minimizes pressure, resulting in a lowered risk of sores and ulcers.
  • 50 cannulas: With 50 cannulas, you’ll always have a fresh supply.