Vital Signs Monitor Blood Pressure Cuffs

Rosie blood pressure cuffs ensure accurate blood pressure readings and clinical accuracy on the Rosie blood pressure monitor. Ensure the highest clinical accuracy and comfort for your patients, while ensuring accurate readings. Compatible with: Rosie 4, Rosie 3, Rosie 2, Rosebud VC and Rosebud vital signs monitors.

Always choose the appropriate size for the patient to ensure accurate readings.

Sizes Available:

  • Small
  • Regular
  • Large
  • Bariatric / Thigh varieties.

Personal cuffs are also available for enhanced infection control during blood pressure readings

“It’s not just vitals”

Accurate and timely clinical data is the foundation for quality resident care. A solid vitals management protocol for your residents using Rosie vitals monitors and blood pressure monitoring equipment ensures clinical accuracy and a “window to the patient condition” for all residents – not only those with high blood pressure. Ensure accurate readings with Rosie vitals monitoring equipment.


Rosie Vital Signs Monitor blood pressure cuffs are available in Small, Regular, Large and Thigh/Bariatric varieties, and are compatible with Rosie 4, Rosie 3, Rosie 2, Rosebud VC and Rosebud vital signs monitors. 

Disposable blood pressure cuffs are also available.